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This is the Website of the Underwaterrugby and Underwaterhockey Teams from the University of Giessen and the Website for Underwaterhockey in Germany.
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UWR-UWH Giessen supports the privatly initiated "Aid for Aceh"


  • First German UWH Championship On the 17. November 2007 the first german UWH OPEN Chamionchips will take place.

  • Link to the UWH-WC 2006 (there is more than just soccer) This site also contains general information about the sport.

  • German UWRugby Championship 2006
    Congratulation to the TSV Malsch (which I had the honour to defeat in the 3rd league ;-) [Report (in German)]

  • German UWHockey Championship 2006
    Congratulations to the TNT Munich - the Elmshorner Schlickteufel had to take the second place - this time. The revenge will follow...

  • 08.10.2006: UWH-Seminar in Bietigheim-Bissingen
    On 08.10.06 at the Tauch-Sport-Club Bietigheim e.V. we will have an UWH-Seminar.

  • 11.06.2006: UWH-Seminar in Wiesbaden
    On Sunday the 11.06.06 at the TC Pulpo Wiesbaden we will have an UWH-Seminar.

  • 13.05.2006: UWH-Seminar in Laubach
    On saturday evening the 13.05.06 we had two UWH-Seminars following each other at the TSC Laubach. Around 12 Kids were introduced to this sport and had great fun. The older ones came afterwards and fighted likewise enthusiastic for the puck. It all was very successfull and more activities are planed.

  • 06.05.2006: UWH-Tournament in Munich
    On Saturday the 06.05. teams fought for the third time for the Bier & Brezen trophy. Results: 1. Budapest, 2. Munich Men, 3. Strassbourg, 4. Schlickteufel Elmshorn, 5. Munich Girls. The after-tournament party was incredible!

  • 24.04.2006: UWH-Seminar in Usingen
    On Monday the 24.04. in Usingen we held a second UWH-Seminar.

  • 21.04.2006: UWH-Seminar in Kassel
    On friday the 21.04. we held a UWH-Seminar in Kassel.

  • 26.03.2006: UWH-Seminar in Karlsruhe
    On the 26.03.2006 we had a UWH-Seminar in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg.

  • 25.03.2006: VDST National-Youthseminar - UWH-Seminar in Solms
    After the UWH-Youth-Seminars in Hesse and Saxony, we held a seminar for the National-Youthseminar for our national federation (VDST).

  • 20.03.2006: UWH-Seminar in Usingen
    Seminar at the diving club and DLRG (german life saving organisation) in Usingen.

  • 04.03.2006: UWH-Turnier in Kranje (Slovenien)
    TNT München wanted to start in Kranje with additional players from Kassel and Giessen.

  • 19.02.2006: 4. Games-Event of the 1. UWR League south
    A bit sad ... [more... (in german)]

  • 07.01.2006: UWH-Seminar in Elmshorn
    On january the 7th we had a nice UWH-Seminar at the Tauchclub Schlickteufel in Elmshorn. [more ... (in german)]

UWH Introducion
(Update 06.04.06!)

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A colorful, demonstrative introduction for all interested people. Only in German but can be translated on request.

New Indicator "Ablaufrichtung" for the Flick and pictures of the full "Mission-Crew".

Unterwasserrugby Cups:
The perfect present for all UWR-Fans.
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