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  • What is the aim of the Game?
    A plastic ball filled with saline solution has to be placed as often as possibe into the opponents basket. How to achive this the best way, is described under gameplay.
  • How does the game work?
    You have two half times of 15 minutes (this is the official duration for league and international competition - at other tournaments it can be much shorter or even only be one time without changing sides). The halftime is 3 - 5 Minutes. On the poolside you can have up to 5 subsitutes for direct change during the game. There are time-penaltys, free "kicks" und penaltys. The rules are controlled by two referees underwasser - with scuba gear - and one referee on the deck, the so called „chief referee“ who controls the game. More about the course of game you can find out in the rules.
  • What's that ball?
    Because of the high concentrated saline-water filling, the ball sinks and can be passed very good. It is not big, you can hold the ball in one hand - but it can be taken away easily when you do this. More about the ball, e.g. how you fill it or where you get it, you will find under eqipment.
  • What's that goal?
    The goal is like a basket. It is 50 cm high, is build of stainless steel rods and a padded ring on the top, which forms a 50cm wide opening, the ball has go though completely, to score a goal.
  • Who plays UWR?
    I germany we have the 1. and 2. national league (divided in 3 sections: north, south and west) and there are leagues of the federal states as third level. Women can play in the Women-League and / or in all other leagues. Besides the league sport under the organisation of the federation VDST you find a quite active UWR university scene. More about tournaments you find on News.
  • When was UWR created?
    The DUC-Cologne presented this sport in 1963. UWR it is an german invention. In other countrys there was no interest for a long time. Only in scandinavia and east europe some countrys were open for the new underwater sport. In 1978 Underwater Rugby and Underwater Hockey was officially durch den höchsten internationalen Tauchsportverband CMAS offiziell approved and regulated. Even 6 years before, the german diving federation VDST honoured the TSC Mülheim for winning the first german national title. This club also won in May 2000 the german championship 2000. More about the history of underwater rugby you find under history.
  • What equipment is needed?
    The players equipment consists of: Trunks/Bathing suite and waterpolo cap (in white or blue) and a "ABC"-diving gear (mask, schnorcle, fins). More details about what you need, you find under equipment.
  • What are the main rules?
    • Only the player in possession of the ball is allowed to be holded or attacked. When this player looses or passes the ball you have to lose the hold instantly. The player in possession of the ball is allowed to hold all other players (e.g. the goal keeper) and defend himself against the attacks.
    • hurting others (e.g. by strangling, beating, pinching, biting and kicking) is absolutly forbidden of course
    • holding on the goal is forbidden (for all players including goal keeper!)
    • when swapping/changing a player, the player has to get out of the pool at the end of their poolside completely before the subsitute is allowed to jump into the change-in area (in the water, next to the playing area)
    • a team consists of 6 players and a maximum of 5 changing players, which can be substituted at any time
    • at a penalty only to players are in the water: one attacker and the goal keeper. The attacker has 45 seconds time to make a goal. If he does not make it during this time or if the goal keeper gets in possession of the ball and holds it out of the water, the penalty is defeated.
    • The free kick is done at the point where the infightment has taken place - or at least at the middle of the playing area.

    The complete rules can be found under rules